About Us

My name is Alex Schütz and together with my Schütz Family Office I am host to the first Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit in Vienna.
Initiated by my family office I offer a platform for fellow family offices from Emerging Europe to network with peers, learn from one another, and identify local, regional and global investment opportunities. With the Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit we are creating a new conference format by emancipating our guests.

We take the interests, opinions and concerns or participating families very seriously and ask them give us their input so we can create the most relevant agenda and address topics that really matter to principles and business owners, their family and businesses.
This exclusive and by invitation-only event is the stepping stone for a sustainable and impactful collaborative effort to unite families, their investment offices and businesses, as well as private investors from the most rapidly changing and fastest growing regions in Europe.
I am looking forward to welcoming your family, too.
Yours sincerely,
Alex Schütz