Clive Eley

Chief Investment Officer and SFO,Nordic Real Estate Partners, Denmark

Clive leads investments for the single family office of Mikkel Bülow-Lehnsby, the chairperson and co-founder of leading European sustainable real estate developer NREP (Nordic Real Estate Partners). His main focus is managing a portfolio of direct early stage investments into companies with radically sustainable technologies that address the climate crisis. Clive has experience investing on behalf of SFOs in London, worked as a McKinsey consultant and has a PhD in Chemistry from Oxford University.
Clive lives in Copenhagen and is currently interested in the following trends / topics: future of cities; sustainable building technologies; urban circularity; carbon capture (DAC specifically), utilisation and storage; green hydrogen; carbon taxes/offsets; alternative proteins; behavioral economics.

He also has a part time role at the sustainable urban technology VC fund 2150, where Clive supports technical due-diligence on certain deals.


Partner, LINDEMANNLAW, Switzerland

Ariel is partner of the international law firm LINDEMANNLAW in Zurich, Switzerland, a professional board of directors’ member of successful companies as well as of charities and non-profit enterprises.

Zurich-born and raised, Ariel’s focus is on advising entrepreneurs and wealthy families as well as capital market law. With 37 years of employed experience up to the level of bank CEO, his advice is widely sought for his long-term view and insights in law and economics as well for his business acumen and drive. His latest university achievement is that of a certified board member of Uni Berne (2021).


CIO & founder, BIT Capital GmbH, Germany

Serial entrepreneur and investor. Founded IONIQ Group, FinLeap, Heartbeat Labs, Solarisbank, and Fyber. Founder and CIO of BIT Capital — Europe’s top-performing public equity fund in 2020 with >160% net return and €1.9bn+ AUM. Jan was an early investor in start-ups such as DeliveryHero or GoClio, and a pre-IPO investor in Facebook or LinkedIn.


Owner & CEO, Makam Investment C.P.Zoo, Poland

72 years old, married father of five. Marek was born in Krakow (Poland) and later moved to Israel in 1957.
Marek received his master’s degree in Electric engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York.
He has over 20 years of experience investing in, renovating and managing both residential and commercial real estate properties in Krakow.


CIO, Family Office, Poland

Experienced professional with a Family Office and Private Equity background. Currently responsible for overseeing the newly established Single Family Office structure in Poland, as a Chief Investment Officer, who took part in the process of formation of the office. Besides wearing the Family Office’ hat, he is also responsible for the value creation initiatives in the legacy assets portfolio. His motivation is to become a next generation manager of choice, for families and individuals who are not interested in actively participating in their businesses and who are seeking best of class services with regard to wealth preservation and growth planning.


CEO, 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG, Austria

6B47 Real Estate Investors AG develops and implements projects in Austria, Germany and Poland. Driven by a passion for real estate, they approach the planning and implementation of their projects with a wealth of ideas. 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG projects include residential houses and offices, as well as commercial and hotel real estate.


Group Chief Executive Officer, Stronghold Global Finance, United Kingdom

Tohib Iyiola, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Stronghold Global Finance, has considerable experience in the investment and development cycle of real assets, especially in emerging markets. Tohib has an extensive background in capital markets and he is well grounded in structured finance, Islamic finance and the overall private markets investment space. He has built businesses in the GCC, Asia, Africa and Europe from their inception until achieving multimillion dollar valuations.


CEO & Co-founder, Modex, United Kingdom

Mihai Ivașcu is the CEO and Co-founder of Modex, a leading Blockchain Database provider, a partner in Nemesis CyberOne, an actively managed certificate focused on cyber security companies, and the Chairman of .lumen, a start-up which develops technologies that help the blind live a better life. A serial entrepreneur who started his first software company at the age of 18, Mihai won the “EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year In Technology” Award in 2021, he is part of the exclusive Forbes 30 Under 30 community and has been chosen, on many occasions, as one of the best young managers in the tech industry. Experienced speaker and entrepreneurship mentor, with an MBA in Innovation Management and key-positions held in various tech startups and Advisory Boards, Mihai has graduated from several executive training programs from Harvard, MIT, Stanford University, and Silicon Valley Innovation Center.


CEO & Founder, Simple, Denmark

Francois is the founder and CEO of Simple – A next-generation market intel & data provider for the Google generation of family offices. Simple tracks operational- & strategic areas as well as specific asset classes to supply family offices with better, comparable, benchmark data and over time develop consensus-driven best practices.

He also writes for on the future of family offices. His latest writings – Forbes and Bloomberg.