Antonia Da Silva Teixeira


Antonia Da Silva Teixeira is a distinguished mental health expert renowned for her personalised, evidence-based therapies addressing trauma and anxiety. She is also a respected authority in neurodevelopmental conditions, especially autism spectrum disorders; hosting private clinics as well as actively participating in community outreach programs, pro-bono work, and research initiatives aimed at improving the therapeutic modalities for those affected by neurodevelopmental conditions. With a proven track record in assessing and resolving intricate socio-behavioural and neurological issues, Antonia has also dedicated her career to empowering individuals and families navigating complex generational challenges, particularly within Family Office environments. Prior to her career as a Neurodevelopmental Consultant Antonia held prestigious positions at leading financial institutions. Alongside her clinical expertise, Antonia is a passionate advocate of community outreach and philanthropic initiatives, and has held senior positions within a variety charitable endeavours globally.