The Central & Eastern European
Wealth Summit
4th & 5th May 2022
Park Hyatt

Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit

Alex Schütz

Alex Schütz is founder and CEO of Vienna based C-QUADRAT Investment Group, one of the largest independent asset managers in Austria with over EUR 8 billion assets under management and active in over 20 countries in Europe and Asia with offices in Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Madrid, Warsaw and Yerevan. Until May 2021 he served as a member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank AG. Since January 2021, he is chairman of the supervisory board of stock-listed cyan AG, a leading European cybersecurity provider.
My name is Alex Schütz and together with my Schütz Family Office I am host to the first Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit in Vienna.
Initiated by my family office I offer a platform for fellow family offices from Emerging Europe to network with peers, learn from one another, and identify local, regional and global investment opportunities. With the Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit we are creating a new conference format by emancipating our guests.
We take the interests, opinions and concerns of participating families very seriously and ask them to give us their input so we can create the most relevant agenda and address topics that really matter to principles and business owners, their family and businesses.
This exclusive and by invitation-only event is the stepping stone for a sustainable and impactful collaborative effort to unite families, their investment offices and businesses, as well as private investors from the most rapidly changing and fastest growing regions in Europe.
I am looking forward to welcoming your family, too.
Yours sincerely,
Alex Schütz


Alex Schütz

CEO, C-Quadrat Investment Group, Austria

Christian Angermayer

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Benjamin Lakatos

MET Group CEO, Switzerland and Hungary

Egle Dunauskiene

Financial Advisor, INVL Finasta Family Office, Lithuania

Richard Goldeneye

CEO & Founding Partner, Octagonal Multi Family Office Ukraine & USA

Arindam Bose

Managing Partner, AB Holdings Ltd, UAE & Austria

Octavian Graf Pilati

Octavian Graf Pilati, Owner, Burg Hardegg & Schloss Ruegers, Austria

Agata Baranska

Former Professional Tennis Player & Investor, Poland & Monaco

Stepan Chplakhyan

Legal, Single Family Office, Russia

Mireille Abi Haidar Vorobyeva

Head of Single Family Office, Russia

Matei Dumitrescu

Angel Investor & Vice-president of TechAngels, Austria

Benjamin Habbel

Founder & CEO, Limestone Capital AG

Marie-Agnes Arlt

Lawyer & business mediator, partner and founder of ARLT and, Austria

Michael Huber

Head of ETF Business Austria & CEE, Invesco

Ladislav Sekerka

Partner, Consillium Family Office, Czech Republic

Rob Hersov

Chairman of Invest Africa (founder) and numerous other companies, South Africa

Cameron Rennie

Director, Medici Advisors, UK

Arkadiusz Stefaniak

CEO, Agro Concept Management (AgCM), Bulgaria

Hans van Houwelingen

Director, Telelink Investments Single Family Office, Bulgaria

Sergey Radchenko

Principal Quonota Investments SFO & President St Gotthard Fund Management, Russia, Cyprus & Switzerland

Lawrence Barclay

Managing Director Manta Ray Capital, Poland

Samo Lubej

CEO, Prosperita Family Office, Slovenia

Francesco Marini

Founder and CEO of Lio Capital, UK

Robin Lauber

Principal Infinitas Capital, Investor & Serial Entrepreneur, Switzerland

Jacob Daniels

Portfolio Director, Braeburn Whisky, UK

Jiri Diblik

Jiri Diblik, Co-Founder & CEO, Czech Republic

Zita Nikoletta Verbényi

Founder and Legacy Aesthete, The Legacy Atelier™, and Head of Family Offices, Stanton Chase.

Adam H. Martin

GP at Sujae Ltd, UK

Aleksandra (Ally) Dragozet

Founder & CEO of Sea Going Green

Tzahi Malach

CEO Menomadin, Liechtenstein & Israel

Daria Saharova

Founding Partner - World Fund

Francois Botha

CEO & Founder of Simple (Copenhagen).

Mihai Ivașcu

CEO and Co-founder Modex

Tohib Iyiola

Group Chief Executive Officer of Stronghold Global Finance (UK)

Sebastian Nitsch

CEO 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG (Austria)

Adrian Nowak

Family Office CIO, Alternatives (PE & VC)

Marek Lesman

Owner and CEO of Makam Investment C.P.Zoo (Poland)

Jan Beckers

CIO and founder at BIT Capital GmbH (Germany)

Ariel Sergio Davidoff


Agenda – The Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit runs on 4th & 5th May 2022

Real Estate Investments
Residential or commercial – what suits my portfolio
Building new or rennovating – risks and opportunities
Eastern European real estate hotspots
Transportation & Logistics
The future of transportation
One Road, One Belt – China’s new Silk Road and its impact on Eastern Europe
Is the end of the combustion engine nearing? Impact on the logisitcs sector
The role of women in the famly business
Why is it important to involve female family members?
Female thought leaders share their experience
Obstacles for women that need to be overcome
Opportunities in Agriculture
Technology and its influence on farming
How can the EU help investors?
Where is potential for growth?
Coffee Break
Security – IT and personal
Am I aware of the risk for my business and my family?
Balancing visibiliy and annonimity
How can I be safe using modern technologies?
SFO vs. MFO – Options for Families
Introducing the concepts of single and multi famaily offices
Do I need a family office and which one is most suitable for me?
Who can help me making the right decisions?
Start-Up Pitches
4 Start-Ups will present themselves to an audience full of sophisticated investors
Digital Assets
Bitcoin and Co – can I still ignore crypto currencies?
How to start investing and trading with crypto currencies
The latest trends in the field of digital assets
Next Gens & Succession Planning
The importance of planning ahead
How to involve the next generation in the sucession planning
Am I able to pass on responsibility?
Asset & Wealth Management
Bank vs. Relationship Manager – who deserves your loyalty?
How to find a new wealth or asset manager
Domestic vs. International – where should my assets be managed?
Coffee Break
Healthcare, Sports and Lifestyle Investments
Europe’s aging population – blessing or a curse?
New sports and lifestyle trends you shouldn’t miss
Pharma in Eastern Europe
Funds vs. Direct Investment – Risks vs. Opportunities
The advantage of funds in my portfolio
Can I be a strategic investor in a fund?
Funds – entry point for new industries?
VC/PE – Technology Investments
How to source deals
Due Dilligence – who can do it for you?
CEE’s growing VC/PE market
Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism
Untapped opportunities in Eastern Europe
Current vs. future markets
Eco vs. overtourism

Closing Remarks

End Of CEE Wealth Summit




Host & Organiser


Delegates are single family office principles, UHNWI’s, private investors and family business owners from Central and Eastern Europe and those with an interest in the regions participation.

This event is an exclusive gathering of wealth owners from the CEE region, hosted by an Austrian single family office. Both, the host and organiser, want to create a highly relevant experience for the families and takes their concerns into consideration. Participating families have the opportunity to actively influence the agenda according to their individual interests. We specifically created a questionnaire that allows families to tell us what they want to learn about. This makes the event also highly attractive for sponsors as the agenda topics correspond with the families’ feedback. 

Single family offices, UHNWI’s, private investors and family business owners attend for free. To register please email:

Individuals who do not fall into the above category and wish to participate can acquire a delegate pass for EUR 1,900. To registration or to request additional information please email:

All panels and interviews are conducted in English. In order to overcome a possible language barrier we advise family office delegates to attend with a trusted advisor to translate if necessary.

CxO’s of single family offices or family businesses can attend. A person who fulfils an advisory role or is not a c-level executive can attend, given that the family the person represents has given their written consent that they wish to be represented by the individual.

All industries and services are entitled to apply to sponsor if product or service are beneficial to the attending investors or if the sponsor presents an attractive investment opportunity to the attending investors. All applications to sponsor CEE Private Wealth are subject to availability, acceptance by the advisory board of the Host & Organiser and the Sponsor making full payment of the sponsorship fee.

As a single family office (Schütz Family Office) and professional service provider to family offices (Grammig Advisory) we deem it highly unprofessional, unethical and illegal to reveal any information concerning our guests. It is in the interest of all parties that the privacy of the attendees is protected. We will share neither names, contact details nor any other information about the attendees. Speakers and panelists will be announced on our website.

We, as host and organiser, do not propose, organise or arrange meetings on behalf of third parties. Plenty of networking breaks (breakfast, 2 coffee breaks, lunch and post-event) offer the opportunity to engage with the investors.