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24 & 25 June 2024 | Vienna | Austria

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The CEE Wealth Summit

The CEE Wealth Summit is making a comeback, and this year it promises to be even more exclusive than before. In order to create a truly immersive and impactful event, we have decided to restrict the number of attendees to 100.

The CEE Wealth Summit is a gathering of single family offices, private investors and family business owners & executives from Central and Eastern Europe. With a strong geographic focus it is our aim to build, maintain and strengthen relationships between players from the region and to facilitate business, investments and economic collaboration. 

Eastern Europe has gone through an incredible transformation for the last 30 years and continues to do so. It is with great pleasure to witness this process, which comes with its own set of challenges for individuals and businesses alike. But with every challenge comes a new opportunity. And it is these opportunities we want to make visible to a carefully selected audience of investors and family offices.

Founder, Organiser and Co-host

Having a German father and a Czech mother, organising and hosting the CEE Wealth Summit is a particular pleasure and joy to me, as it allows me to unite my Central / Eastern European souls in an event.

Having grown up with both cultures, I learned to leverage the benefits of each, but I also learned that there is a lot one side doesn’t know or understand about the other. Not knowing each other properly is counterproductive to business.

It is my respect and love for Eastern Europe and its people that led me to the decision to support family offices and businesses from there to connect to their peers while opening doors to those seeking partners and opportunities further afield.

With Alex Schütz I found the best partner I could have wished for –  based in the CEE hub Vienna and well-connected throughout Eastern Europe. And we share the same principles and excitement for the most exciting region in Europe. 

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the next Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit in Vienna, co-hosted by Alex Schütz and his single family office

Yours Sincerely,

David Grammig

As former Director for International Relations at a GCC-based single family office, over the years David has established, and continues to grow, valued connections with fellow family offices. David lives by the credo “no level of technological sophistication can replace a handshake” and this is no different when it comes to his family office networks.


My name is Alex Schütz and together with my Schütz Family Office I am co-host to the Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit in Vienna.

Initiated by my family office I offer a platform for fellow family offices from Emerging Europe to network with peers, learn from one another, and identify local, regional and global investment opportunities. With the Central & Eastern European Wealth Summit we are creating a new conference format by emancipating our guests.

We take the interests, opinions and concerns of participating families very seriously and ask them to give us their input so we can create the most relevant agenda and address topics that really matter to principles and business owners, their family and businesses.

This exclusive and by invitation-only event is the stepping stone for a sustainable and impactful collaborative effort to unite families, their investment offices and businesses, as well as private investors from the most rapidly changing and fastest growing regions in Europe.

I am looking forward to welcoming your family, too.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Schütz

Alex Schütz is founder and CEO of Vienna based C-QUADRAT Investment Group, one of the largest independent asset managers in Austria with over EUR 8 billion assets under management and active in over 20 countries in Europe and Asia with offices in Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Madrid, Warsaw and Yerevan. Until May 2021 he served as a member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank AG. Since January 2021, he is chairman of the supervisory board of stock-listed cyan AG, a leading European cybersecurity provider.



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Who are the delegates?

Delegates are single family office principles, UHNWI’s, private investors and family business owners from Central and Eastern Europe and those with an interest in the regions participation.

What is special about this event?

This event is an exclusive gathering of wealth owners from the CEE region, hosted by an Austrian single family office. Both, the host and organiser, want to create a highly relevant experience for the families and takes their concerns into consideration. Participating families have the opportunity to actively influence the agenda according to their individual interests. We specifically created a questionnaire that allows families to tell us what they want to learn about. This makes the event also highly attractive for sponsors as the agenda topics correspond with the families’ feedback. 

What are the costs?

Delegate passes for the entire event including networking, all sessions and lunches & dinners come at EUR 1,900

What is the event’s main language?

All panels and interviews are conducted in English. In order to overcome a possible language barrier we advise family office delegates to attend with a trusted advisor to translate if necessary.

Can I represent the family I work for?

CxO’s of single family offices or family businesses can attend. A person who fulfils an advisory role or is not a c-level executive can attend, given that the family the person represents has given their written consent that they wish to be represented by the individual.

Who is entitled to sponsor?

All industries and services are entitled to apply to sponsor if product or service are beneficial to the attending investors or if the sponsor presents an attractive investment opportunity to the attending investors. All applications to sponsor CEE Private Wealth are subject to availability, acceptance by the advisory board of the Host & Organiser and the Sponsor making full payment of the sponsorship fee.

Details about the attending investors?

As a single family office (Schütz Family Office) and professional service provider to family offices (Grammig Advisory) we deem it highly unprofessional, unethical and illegal to reveal any information concerning our guests. It is in the interest of all parties that the privacy of the attendees is protected. We will share neither names, contact details nor any other information about the attendees. Speakers and panelists will be announced on our website.

Pre-arranged meetings

We, as host and organiser, do not propose, organise or arrange meetings on behalf of third parties. Plenty of networking breaks (breakfast, 2 coffee breaks, lunch and post-event) offer the opportunity to engage with the investors.

Hotel recommendations

Hotel recommendations will be provided to registered attendees.

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