CEO at Agro Concept Management (AgCM) and Partner at Myroxylon Gmbh, Bulgaria


Arkadiusz Stefaniak is the CEO of Agro Concept Management (AgCM). AgCM focuses on alternative investment opportunities in the agricultural and livestock sectors in South America (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina), and on forestry and tree plantation projects in Southeast Europe (Bulgaria). Founded by a group of forestry and finance professionals and headquartered in Germany near Munich, Myroxylon GmbH is a consultant that deals with private equity investments in international agriculture – forestry – and timber-related operations and generating the resulting verified Carbon units.

Arkadiusz is goal-oriented with many years of experience managing successful businesses of all sizes, small and large. On behalf of AgCM investors, he moved to Bulgaria and successfully set up tree plantation operations there. He personally negotiated land contracts, organised effective company structures and managed the project to effectively achieve its goals.

Agriculture is an important part of his life, but not only as a business focus. In his personal life he is passionate about organic farming and regenerative agriculture. Additionally, he loves sports and especially cycling.