Clive Eley

Chief Investment Officer and SFO,Nordic Real Estate Partners, Denmark


Clive leads investments for the single family office of Mikkel B├╝low-Lehnsby, the chairperson and co-founder of leading European sustainable real estate developer NREP (Nordic Real Estate Partners). His main focus is managing a portfolio of direct early stage investments into companies with radically sustainable technologies that address the climate crisis. Clive has experience investing on behalf of SFOs in London, worked as a McKinsey consultant and has a PhD in Chemistry from Oxford University.
Clive lives in Copenhagen and is currently interested in the following trends / topics: future of cities; sustainable building technologies; urban circularity; carbon capture (DAC specifically), utilisation and storage; green hydrogen; carbon taxes/offsets; alternative proteins; behavioral economics.

He also has a part time role at the sustainable urban technology VC fund 2150, where Clive supports technical due-diligence on certain deals.