Florian Frhr. von Tucher


Since 2020, Florian Frhr. von Tucher is leading the Tucher Group, the family office, and the M&P Group, a division specialising on sustainability and engineering consulting. His role benefits from his extensive international experience and the traditional values upheld by his family. Florian’s educational background includes a Master’s degree from the Technical University of Hanover and studies in Spain and China. 

In Asia, Florian managed his family’s business interests for 15 years, concentrating on engineering, real estate development, and development aid. The Tucher family’s business model has evolved over generations, effectively adapting to changing market conditions by balancing passive investments in real estate with an active focus on sustainability consulting through the M&P Group. 

Florian also serves as Chairman of the European Chamber of Technology, an international NGO promoting innovation and sustainability, co-founded by his family. He lives at Tegernsee with his family, where he actively participates in voluntary and humanitarian projects alongside his professional responsibilities.