Indre Butkeviciute

Senior Wealth Manager, Orion Wealth Family Office, Lithuania


After finishing her studies in Economics and Business at UCL in London, Indre started her career at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management. She spent almost 8 years with the firm covering High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients from Iceland and the Baltic States. 

In 2015 Indre founded Lily Advisory, which is a wealth coaching business focused on empowering women to make more money and learn how to manage their existing wealth with the help of financial education, so that they can relax and enjoy every moment, knowing they are in control of their finances. 

In 2021 Indre joined Orion Wealth Family Office in Vilnius, Lithuania where she continues with her efforts to bring financial education to women through a creation of W Invest Club for women. She is also responsible for the building the bridge for local families to connect with international families and expand their horizons. Orion Wealth Family Office prides itself on working with families who are keen to invest with impact and leave a positive footprint behind.