Juan Victor WANG XU


Victor is an esteemed expert in the field of dietary supplements with a deep understanding of the probiotic industry. With several years of experience in this sector, Victor has been actively involved in promoting the importance of the microbiome for human development, immunity, and nutrition and recognizes its crucial role in maintaining a healthy gut and its implications for longevity and quality of life. The Team of SlimBiotics believe that harnessing the potential of probiotics and optimizing the microbiome can contribute to enhanced vitality and longevity.

SlimBiotics was founded in 2018 with the goal of pioneering plant based biotic weight management. The company is developing plant-derived, clinically-backed biotics and making them available to consumers aiming to maintain a healthy weight, improve body shape and support overall metabolic wellbeing. With offices in Vienna and San Francisco SlimBiotics is bringing a new class of biotic offerings to international markets.