Mark Florman


Mark is the founder and CEO of Time Partners. He has been involved in the private equity industry, working as an adviser to private equity groups and investors for 35 years. At Time Partners, he specialises in advising institutions and families in purpose, strategy, private capital and long term investing, with a focus on building and scaling PE fund investment portfolios to create rolling portfolios with compounding capital gains over time.

Mark is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics, Visiting Professor at the Policy Institute, King’s College, London, and a Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD, lecturing on private capital markets and impact investing.

Mark was a member of the Prime Minister’s G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force, and the founding Chairman of B Corps in Europe . He was Governor for England at the BBC, where he led a new approach to purpose-led reporting and was Chair of the BBC Service Review for England. He was on the board of the UK Home Office from 2018-2020. He co-founded a number of think tanks including The Centre for Social Justice. Mark speaks across the world on “The Next 30 Years”.

Mark co-founded the private equity firm 8Miles alongside Bob Geldof and Kofi Annan, to invest in businesses in Africa. Mark joined the European private equity firm, Doughty Hanson, in 2001 and was involved in investing in and developing portfolio companies including The Priory, RHM, Tumi and LM Glasfiber (the world’s largest wind blade manufacturer). In 1992, Mark was the co-founder and CEO of the merchant banking group, Maizels Westerberg, which was ranked the number one M&A firm in Europe (1998, 1999) amongst independent firms.