Prof. Dr. Shalini Randeria


Shalini Randeria was elected as president and rector of Central European University

in 2021. She is the first woman, and the first person from the Global South, to take

up this position since the founding of the university 30 years ago. Randeria has had a

distinguished academic career as a sociologist/social anthropologist at institutions of

higher education across Europe. She was rector of the Institute for Human Sciences,

Vienna, and a professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development

Studies, Geneva, where she directed the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy.

Randeria holds the Excellence Chair at the University of Bremen, where she leads a

research group on “soft authoritarianisms.” She is deputy chair of the Class of Social

and Related Sciences, Academia Europaea and a distinguished fellow of the Munk

School, Toronto University. Randeria has published widely on the anthropology of

globalization, law, the state, and social movements with a regional focus on India.

Her influential podcast series, Democracy in Question, launched in 2021, is now in its

eighth season.