Tilo Bonow

Founder & CEO, PIABO PR GmbH, Germany


Heading PIABO PR, Europe’s leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy, based in Berlin, Tilo is a key driver of success, an ambitious entrepreneur in various global markets and a proven expert with regard to the start-up scene. In addition, he himself is one of the best-known human brands in his field and was recently named PR Pope by the renowned weekly magazine Stern. 

Tilo launched PIABO in 2006 with the goal to help tech entrepreneurs maximize their potential in the media, reach growth targets and take the lead in the market. Clients include leading European tech companies and global digital brands such as Stripe, Samsung, Silicon Valley Bank, GitHub and Shopify. 

With its international network, in-depth expertise in media brand building as well as his active engagement as an investor, he is an ideal partner for founders with innovative and new ideas that have a positive impact nationally and on a global scale.